Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

Can I Use Yoga for Weight Loss?

Yes and no. Yoga helps lose weight but not so fast and not in a direct way. The smart way is to combine yoga with an exercise plan such as doing yoga with physical activities such as aerobic exercises like running, biking, walking, jogging, or swimming.

Weight loss occurs when a person’s calorie intake reduces as compared to their caloric outflow. To do this, one must cut their food and drink consumption or burn the food away through physical activity.

So can yoga on its help you lose weight?

And again, I’ll say yes! While yoga may not directly or quickly contribute to weight loss, there is a way yoga can help reduce weight. Here is how.

Yoga lures you into doing exercises: For instance, Hatha yoga is done at a slow pace but as you continue; your energy levels increase and motivate you to do other exercises. Don’t believe me? Read more at yoga burn review.

Yoga helps you eat less: Yoga brings relaxation and kills the overall desire to eat. Since many people eat more while stressed, yoga contributes to reducing the desire for food. Through this relaxation, one can reflect on why they eat much and to find ways of cutting down on that intake. Many yoga practitioners have also reported a crave for fruits rather than the fatty fast foods.

Prolonged yoga can help you lose weight: Although most yoga exercises aren’t aggressive, the practices go on for long. Usually, a class will last for 1hour to 1 and a half. During the whole time, participants are stretching, bending and doing balance poses. Body fitness specialist’s advice that if such activity is done continuously 5-6 times a week, it can yield weight loss results.

Depends on the type of Yoga: Yoga is so diverse and only after you understand it will you know whether you can use it to lose weight or not. Like our definition of weight loss states, the whole thing that makes one lose weight is banning calories. Therefore vigorous, Yoga styles such as power Yoga, Vinyasa and Ashtanga will help burn calories. Some yoga poses such as the cobra pose where you raise your head, shoulders and upper body as you inhale can assist in burning belly fat.

Yoga creates mindfulness: Remember, Core Yoga is first a spiritual activity and then physical. One is taught to look at their inner selves with compassion. Through meditation, Yoga teaches individuals to be mindful of what they eat and in what quantities. One becomes more careful and therefore helps them cut weight.

And lastly, Yoga reduces cortisol levels, making it easier to shack belly fat.


I know that you might be weighing all the options you’ve just read and wondering which one to take. Let me be straighter here. If you are looking to lose weight fast through yoga, use power Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga or any other vigorous yoga exercises to achieve faster results. If you want to lose weight much slower, you may use other forms of yoga. Whichever style you choose, don’t forget our definition of weight loss. It is the burning of calories, and therefore Regular physical activity should be part of any weight-loss plan that you choose.

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